The Movement of the Great Zodiacal Ages From Pisces to Aquarius:

The Unique Mobile Planetary 6th Chakra

At the beginning of every Aeon (an approximate period of 2160 years, give or take a few, depending on the world situation at the time) there is a journey made which transfers major archetypes from one Earth Chakra to another. At the dawn of the Piscean Aeon, Joseph, the uncle of Jesus, shifted the symbol of the Holy Grail from Jerusalem to Glastonbury. The purpose of this shift was to prepare Glastonbury for its function as the Primary Earth Chakra for the Aeon of the Immortal Child - Aquarius.

Chakra 6, or the Brow Chakra, is the only one of the seven major Earth Chakras that is mobile. It is not located at a fixed, permanent geographical location. This "third eye" Chakra relocates itself in a new area at the dawn of each successive Aeon, and remains in that region for approximately 100 to 200 years. It dissolves only after the old, fading Aeon no longer has active influence on society, and not until the New Aeon has fully established its laws and archetypes in the world. After its dissolution, the functions of the Sixth Chakra retreat to Antarctica.

The pattern of this 6th Earth Chakra movement is very precise: It shifts about 1/12th of the way around the Earth, to the west, in order to act as the energiser to the emerging new age. Ages are given the names of the zodiacal signs, and each age has its own defining principles. We are said to be entering the Aquarian Aeon, and leaving the Piscean Aeon, at the present time. After Aquarius, in over 2000 years, we will enter the Aeon of Capricorn. These Great Aeons are created by a slow movement of the Earth called the Precession of the Equinoxes.

A positive theme of the Piscean Age has been compassion. A negative tendency of the fading Piscean era is the idea that it is good to die for a cause. This martyrdom attitude has been encouraged by both nationalism and religion. The Aquarian Aeon acts to change this. In the new Aeon it is best to live joyously and creatively for your cause, not to die for it. Other principles that will dominate the Aquarian Aeon are an increase in the frequencies of life, greater respect for non-human species, and an increasing mobility of physical self, information, and resources. The supposed gap between spirit and matter will continue to narrow.

To illustrate the movement of the mobile Sixth Earth Chakra, here are its locations over the last few Aeons: Over 6,000 years ago, at the dawn of the age of Taurus it was centred on Mount Belukha, in the Altai mountains of Mongolia-Russia. It was at this time that the legends of Shambhala, the hidden city of the Immortals, first came into being. This was the cultural name given to the 6th Aeon-Shift Chakra, while it was in this area. This focus of Shambhala also extended into the Gobi desert and areas of Tibet. At the end of the Taurean Aeon, the fire Age of Aries began, when the 6th Chakra shifted to south-eastern Iran. The Magi, or Zoroastrians, were involved in this new activation. The sacred site centre for this Fire Aeon was an island on a lake called Malek Siah Kuh, near the city of Zahedan. There are many ancient ruins in this general area.

About 2,000 years ago, the ages shifted from Aries to Pisces, and once again the 6th Earth Chakra moved 1/12th to the west to arrive at the Jerusalem-Egypt area. Christianity, with its early fish symbolisms, was a major manifestation of this Aeon of Pisces. As one age expires, and a new age is born, there are many sacred site journeys made between the previous activation sites and the new sites, and between the new sites and the future activation sites of the next Aeon. The three Zoroastrian Magi who arrived from the east shifted the wisdom of Aries to bless the birth of Pisces. And the transfer of the Grail archetype from Jerusalem to Glastonbury by Joseph of Arimathea magnetically marked the location for the future Aquarian Age. Aquarius is the Bearer of the Waters of Everlasting Life - the Waters of the Holy Grail that flow out around the Living Earth through the Rainbow Serpent Ley Artery.

Now the Mobile 6th Chakra is conjunct the Planetary Heart Chakra in Western Europe. This unity of forces began at the dawn of the 20th century (1904), and will continue through most of the 21st century. The 6th Chakra will dissolve around 2084 AD. Somewhere after the year 4000, it will re-form in north-eastern Brazil, in the Recife area. There is a temple city called Nova Jerusalem (New Jerusalem), near Recife, that will be associated with this future Aeon of Capricorn (4000AD). Brazil is an important area for the future: The Aeon after Capricorn, the Aeon of Sagittarius (6000AD), will also be activated there - in Amazonia, near Manaus.

When the time comes for a New Aeon to be born, the consciousness of the Living Earth sends out a signal. Many who love life and the Earth intuitively hear this message, travel to the new area, and contribute to the creation of the new age. The Earth is a living being, with a True Will of its own, and an ability to direct its own evolution. As a movement of the Earth forms the Aeons, it is the Earth who is choreographing the dance. Previously, it was thought that the centre of the Earth was molten. Now, some scientists are saying that the centre is a giant crystal - not a quartz crystal, but a metallic one. If this is true, then this centre would be very adept at sending, receiving, and storing information. Project the energies and expressions of your highest ideals to the centre of the Earth, and have faith and confidence that your True Will projections will be nurtured and magnified by the consciousness of the Living Planet. If the large metallic crystal exists, then it is the brain of the Living Earth.

What exactly is the Global 6th Chakra? It consists of the Earth Signal, with its Aeonic patterns, and the totality of all beings and activities associated with the formation of the particular New Aeon being born at that time. After the New Age is functional, then the 6th Chakra breaks up, dissolves, and retreats to the South Pole, until the time comes for the next Age to form. If you are contributing to the Emergence and Establishment of the Aquarian Age in the 20th and 21st centuries, then you are part of the Planetary 6th Chakra.

As I said above, this 6th Chakra used to be located in the Altai Mountains in Mongolia. There is an interesting story connected with this. A few decades ago, a man named Jenkins travelled from England to Mongolia in order to be initiated into Mongolian Buddhism. The Buddhists of Mongolia are the world's leading experts on the myths and legends of Shambhala. One day, he asked them the question, where is this City of the Immortals? He thought they would probably say that it was in the Altais. It is normal for indigenous peoples to claim that the primary sacred sites are in, or near, their own territory. But, much to his surprise, the answer was different. They said that long ago (at the birth of the Aeon of Taurus) this Immortal Realm was there, in Mongolia, but that it had moved. Intrigued, he asked where has it gone? They said it was now in England. This completely agrees with the pattern of Aeonic movement described above. And, while the 6th Chakra is in England and in Europe at the present time, eventually it will move on, and someday reappear in Brazil. If the Mongolians are asked where it is in 4000 AD, don't be surprised if they say north-eastern Brazil.

Movement of the Great Zodiacal Ages:

Aeons – Years – Focus – Longitude Degree

Future/Current Aeon: Age of Aquarius 2008-4168 AD Glastonbury 0 °

Future Aeon: Age of Capricorn 4168-6328 AD Recife 30°W

Future Aeon: Age of Sagittarius 6328-8488 AD Manaus 60°W

Future Aeon: Age of Scorpio 8488-10,648 AD Cahokia 90°W

Future Aeon: Age of Libra 10,648-12,808 AD Mount Shasta 120°W

Future Aeon: Age of Virgo 12,808-14,968 AD Haleakala 150°W

Past Aeon: Age of Leo 10,953 BC-8793BC Rotopounamu 180°E

Past Aeon: Age of Cancer 8793 BC- 6633 BC Blue Mountains 150°E

Past Aeon: Age of Gemini 6633 BC-4473 BC Tai Shan 120°E

Past Aeon: Age of Taurus 4473 BC-2313 BC Belukha (Altai Mounts) 90°E

Part Aeon: Age of Aries 2313 BC-153 BC Malek Siah Kuh 60°E

Past Aeon: Age of Pisces 153 BC-2008 AD Great Pyramid and Mount of Olives 30°E

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